“Your best hope for survival."

We are a virtual reality content studio in Portland, Oregon.

Passion cannot be manufactured. Founded by a poet and a street artist, Eyedrop works with developers and artists who have an appetite for innovation. Together, we draw from dozens of creative traditions to build VR experiences unlike anything out there.

One morning you wake to find your dreams chopped apart and stirred into a candy crystal potpourri. All the dreams you’ve ever had: world-eating dreams, euphoric dreams, dreams like living your best friend’s childhood. You want to save them, and you throw yourself on hands and knees to gather what’s left. Can you put them in your pockets? They slide right out. Should you eat them? They’re delicious. You laugh, crushing them in your mouth. Wait. This must be a dream. But why can’t you wake up? Is this death?

This might be troubling. You may not know the answer to this.

Rest assured, we do.

Eyedrop. Come with us if you want to survive.

current projects




An experience of the communal subconsciousness for the HTC Vive. Arriving in the late spring, 2017.

On its way.

A new dimension is here, and with it a new perspective: virtual reality is changing how we understand ourselves and each other. We work to honor this change, and believe VR has the potential to do real good in the world. To that end, Eyedrop will never produce content that condones or encourages violence and discrimination of any kind.