Virtual Reality

+ Experience

We fashion

our tools

from myriad creative traditions.

We design dynamic

virtual content

& tailored experiences.

We aim beyond entertainment: to delight,

to change,

to revelation.

You love what you do.

We love what we do.

Obviously, we'll get along swimmingly.

So, what will working together look like?

  • Step One: Consultation


    We meet for tea.


    You tell us about your business or project or cause or dream. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to reach, and where, and how, and what feelings do you want to give them?


    Ideas are cheap. So cheap we don't mind giving them away.

  • Step Two: Strategy

    You like where this is going. But is it worth your money?


    Based on what you've told us, we suspect there's something there, something good. But we've got to do some research to make sure.


    What platforms will best help you reach your goals? What solutions have already been tried? When's the best time to release, and who should hear about it? How big does it need to be?


    We come back with a tightly packaged strategy for the content, and the marketing and activation campaigns. If it's all better than you were hoping for, we get to work.

  • Step Three: Development

    A bittersweet story of love and loss for Google Daydream? A psychedelic journey through space and time for the HTC Vive? A series of simple yet rich nature hikes for the Oculus Rift? A projection-mapped responsive art piece for an underground happening?


    Yes. And more.


    We start our development by iterating on the central verbs of the experience. What fun is something that looks stunning if interacting with it is a chore?


    After hammering out the fundamentals and dialing in the concept art, we get to work building your world, animating your creatures, scoring your music, and painting every nook and corner.


    We believe the best work comes out of the practise of brutal revision. Every element of your experience will be playtested by our huge network of artists, writers, creatives, scholars, mental health professionals, and gamers, as well as the specific audience you are addressing.


    We take chances. But we follow up to make sure they succeed.

  • Step Four: Launch

    Now that we've got a never-before-felt experience, let's give it to those who'll remember it most.


    Your launch should look like you. It should look so much like you as to be unmistakable.


    Are you a party, a gathering, a convention, an event, a seance? Are you a sunny afternoon in a sparsely wooded park, or a bass-thumping sweat-fest in a storied warehouse? Should your launch be designed to reach your clients as efficiently as possible, or should it invite whimsy and spin-off acts of wild creation?


    Our business is humans. We have as much fun figuring out how best to reach them in the physical world as in a headset or on a screen.

Sound good? Let's talk.

We believe

You believe


VR/AR is the new Gutenberg press.


boundaries are meant to be transcended, & genres to be combined, remixed, & redefined.


a VR experience is worth 1,000 pictures.


your customers are smarter than they're given credit for.


the world's moving way too fast to do what's already been done.


the horizon is where tomorrow is.

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